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Our opening hours on December 24th and 31th is from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our regular opening hours is from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

following the instructions of the Spanish Goverment in relation with the health crisis situation caused by the coronavirus COVID-19. Take care, please!

Our restaurant


The sea is a pantry for nostalgics, a storehouse for nonconformists and sustenance for the desperate.

Graphics of a handmade fish

If you're a tireless traveller in search of the true essence of the towns you visit or a tourist on a holiday to get away from it all and enjoy simple local fare in all its glory, come and pay us a visit! We make every effort to turn your visit to our restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz into an unforgettable memory and for you to savour the real taste of Tenerife in our food.

Sonrisa de un camarero

Get ready to be welcomed with a smile

Our restaurant brings you a taste of the Atlantic

Our philosophy is based on what we have learned from our ancestors and the seaside "eateries" that sprung up in any spot where there was a group of fishermen. These small restaurants, using only products caught through their own fishing skills and harvested from the small vegetable gardens nearby, managed to offer simple yet amazingly tasty local fare.

Salad Olivier

Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce

Fresh fish

Saharan fried squid

Homemade Tiramisú

Grilled limpets

Black rice

Steamed clams

Fresh fish

Our cuisine

Just arrived

Octopus salmigundi, salad Olivier, shellfish-flavored seafood...

A first assault

Fish soup with sea

Escaldón de gofio: toasted coarse-ground grain mixed with fish stock into a thick paste

The main course

Simply fresh fish

Paella or black rice,with seafood or bogavante

Mixed fish grill for good friends

Canary cod

To end well

Homemade dessert


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* Escaldón de gofio: toasted coarse-ground grain mixed with fish stock into a thick paste